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The Mr & Mrs.

The Mr. & Mrs. are a married couple who wanted to change the narrative that being married meant you can no longer have fun! Charles and Shireen Kuykendoll wed on July 8, 2016 and while they were dating, Shireen planted the idea for Charles to start hosting events. He didn’t really want to take the leap, but the encouragement and support from his future wife gave him the push he needed to host his first RNB HouseParty in NYC in March of 2016. From there, the growth of the event has coincided with the continual growth of their love together. Their purpose is to continue to cultivate events where people could have a good time, dance all night without judgement, and potentially even find their soulmate!

RNB HouseParty

RNB HouseParty was an original idea from host Charles “Beloved” Kuykendoll back in college. He was tired of the typical Phrat parties where everyone strolled and those who weren’t Greek stood around and watched people stroll. He along with his Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity brothers hosted the first RNBHouseParty at the Alpha House in Greencastle, Indiana in 2008. The party was literally a movie!!! Capping the night was the floor collapsing halfway through the party from the energy and all the dancing that was going on. We still talk about that party to this day!

8 years later when we relaunched RNB HouseParty in NYC, it was in a club, but our goal has always been to recapture that essence of that HouseParty and the vibe that only RNB music can bring. We have previously partnered with RevoltTV, AT&T, Blavity, Jeep, AFROTECH, Martell Cognac and have successfully hosted over 30 events across the US in only 3 years. This year we will continue to provide this unique party experience in places we’ve yet to visit, and look forward to bringing back the vibes and nostalgia that makes you wonder, “when did you fall in love with RNB?”

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